The UAE aims to implement the Value Added Tax (VAT) along with the other GCC member states from 1st January 2018. A standard rate of 5% is applicable. The Federal VAT Law (27th August 2017) establishes the domestic rules with applying VAT in the UAE. The VAT Executive Regulations are in the process of being approved.

Possible hurdles:

  • Lack of understanding of VAT rules & regulations.
  • Compliance issues
  • Lack of resources (Availability of experts)
  • Improper book keeping system

We at Aon Management Consultants will help you with the implementation of VAT among your operations and VAT accounting.

The following are the services that we offer in regards to VAT:

  • VAT implementation and preparation of Chart of accounts in your current accounting software.
  • Assistance for VAT registration.
  • VAT Accounting
  • Assistance for monthly VAT Payment
  • Assistance for quarterly VAT return filing
  • Assistance for VAT auditing

Book Keeping

You are the expert of your business, but running through every area of your business is not possible and that is where our Professional Accounting Team supports you. We are committed to fulfil the accounting needs and requirements of your Company and provide you with customized accounting approach and systems that fit with your business in an excellent way.

Bookkeeping is a need for every small to large business. Every business requires reliable, accurate and timely financial information to monitor its performance and make timely decisions. Our professional qualified accountants understand this importance so they work towards achieving these goals of our clients.

Push Digits has the best ability to outsource to its clients with expert Professional Accountants who are highly skilled, extremely up to date and have accuracy in the management of finance and accounts of our clients.


We have two approaches to this which ends in benefiting you with extreme flexibility:

  • Our accountant works from our office and you can email/mail the documents to us.
  • Our accountant visits you at your office for the accounting work.
  • A mixed approach combining the above two.

Cost Effectiveness

We charge a minimum monthly fee for our outsourced accounting services that is guaranteed to be the best price prevailing in the market. Overall, you get benefited with a significant cut down on costs such as:

  • Best competitive price per month.
  • Avoidance of monthly salary which would have been paid to a full time accountant.
  • No visa costs.
  • No annual leaves meaning a 12 months service.
  • No increments.
  • No air tickets.
  • No gratuity payments.
  • No gratuity payments.
  • No overtime payments.
  • No training costs.
  • Easy replacement to another Professional Accountant

Access to Expert Knowledge

We give you the best of accounting talent in terms of an experienced professionally qualified accountant, who has experience of working on accounting of diverse industries and sectors. A dedicated Partner is also available to support technically whenever required. In result, you get access to a pool of expert accounting knowledge at an unbeatable price and an unmatched level of quality.

Long Term Affiliation

We give you our commitment for a long term affiliation and relationship, which means you benefit by an uncontinued accounting service, which in turn makes sure that your accounting records are kept updated for an indefinite period of time.